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How to choose a dog ?
How to choose a dog:
    Dog easy time to buy bad buy. How to choose healthy dog ​​it? The following will teach you a few observation points, you can choose to protect the dog satisfied Oh!

    1. Do not pick up the purchase of the dog immediately, the first observation of its actions and gestures quietly. Those dejected as Sangjiazhiquan do not buy.
    2. Do not choose too much fat, too much belly of the dog;
    3. knotted hair depilation or not to buy;
    Healthy dogs and sick dogs general identification:
    Choose easy to raise a dog

    4. dry or runny nose, do not buy;
    5. whites excessive, or dirty white of the eye, eye discharge and more who are not healthy;
    6. odor ear canal, ear tip or dander often thrown ear dog not to buy;
    7. gums, tongue ruddy healthy person, do not buy bad breath;
    8. The skin induration, hypertrophy do not buy;
    9. Special attention beneath the tail of the dog, if any "yellow print" is a sign recently suffered from diarrhea or diarrhea, do not buy.
    10. skull, maxilla, mandible, and then touch the back corner along the spine and cervical vertebrae have deformed limbs do not buy.
    11. footpad dry, excellent not to buy;
    12. Yijingyizha dogs do not buy.

    Use Puig pet dog retractable dog leash Note:
    When walking with your pet, please keep in mind your dog under their control, and follow these precautions:

    Do not attempt to open the enclosure or remove any part of the spring within the product may have unintended harm to persons.
    Do not use for children.
    Use only the dog can not be used to secure the dog, the dog is fixed somewhere or other purposes.
    Department of pet dog retractable dog leash, please always great care, but do not go away.
    Do not grab the rope or band itself, do not let the rope or tape winding, which may make you hurt.
    Before each use, check to make Pugh pet dog retractable dog leash firmly in the best condition. If the leash is not accidentally or suddenly bounce back, protect yourself, especially the partial opening of the head to avoid injury.
    When people or animals approached, they should immediately receive a short leash and stopped brakes, control your pet. Please beware of any hidden or dangerous things, especially people.
    Think beforehand unforeseen circumstances dog's reaction, try to control a pet in the side to avoid possible dangers.
    Each dog is not the same, not to be acting experience.

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