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What a good time to walk the dog?
    Every morning and evening, in the district, the park can see a lot of people walking the dog. Before the previous dog has not become pets, they need to work every day, every day, enough exercise. However, after being reared to become pets, comfortable environment stifle time many dog ​​sports, so in order to meet the physical needs of the dog, the dog dog walking as a way to exercise. However, ordinary life when the dog is good it?
    The study found that both the growing puppy or large dog towards aging, to participate in some outdoor activities are very important. Not only can help out walking the dog urine, can exercise, physical fitness, the sun's ultraviolet rays also can kill bacteria and parasites dogs.
    Generally speaking you can choose in the morning and evening out walking the dog, walking the dog in fact there is no specific time limit. As the hot summer months, the time may be necessary to mention the morning walking the dog at night Ha, so daytime temperature is too high, but easy to go out to walk the dog lead dog heat stroke, so the hot summer in the early morning and evening walking the dog is good. In contrast, in the cold of winter, the time will change to the dog warm during the day, you can take the dog to go out in the sun when Liu Wan mild, warm appropriate at this time, not to worry about the dog cold cold, the sun's ultraviolet rays can also effectively kill bacteria and viruses in the body of the dog, oh.
    PS: Liu Wan pet dog each time not too long. If large dogs can persist in 40-60 minutes, medium-sized dog to be about 30 hours, small dogs may be 20 minutes on it. Parents must be based on their physical condition the dog to dog liuwan reasonable arrangement time, time not too long nor too short Oh.

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